Oct 29, 2009

Why 'Little Owl'?

When we tried to come out a name for our music school, we brainstormed a lot and a proposal was to use some animal names. Do you notice that some animals are particularly good in performing some things by nature?

For example, honey bees are good in dancing: They dance to communicate to, say, tell other bees the locations of the foods found. Since we would also teach dancing, 'Honey Bee' became a candidate name. Unfortunately, to the general public, honey bees are famous of harvesting honey but not its fantastic dance language.

Cicadas are good in singing and they have inspired many poets to create excellent works. So 'Cicada' was another candidate name. However, we are afraid that the word 'cicada' is not common to the locals here and not many may pronounce it correctly (it's pronounced as /sɪˈkɑːdə/ or /sɪˈkeɪdə/).

If you browse books for children, you'll find that many like to portray owls as teachers or to be very knowledgeable and wise. Why? Probably a perception of owls is that they look like thinkers, and they look cool. In fact, owls have been associated with wisdom in many cultures. So, 'Owl' can be another good candidate, unfortunately it is composed of only one syllable which may not sound impressive as a shop name.

Wait, how about increasing the number of syllables by choosing a species of owl? In particular, the Little Owl (with binomial name Athene noctua) was often associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, arts, and skills in Greek mythology. Great, 'Little Owl' sounds good and is a good candidate name.

After voting, we wrote down some candidate names on a piece a paper and passed it to our runner:
Little Owl School of Music Dance & Art
Actually 'Little Owl' was our second choice, and we have another candidate name which was the first. We phoned our runner telling him about our choices. The first candidate name was actually available, but our runner might have been confused by us and he proceeded to register the second choice 'Little Owl' for us. Ha! It's fate and we just accepted it.

So there we started, the Little Owl School of Music Dance & Art.